I’ll be TOP3-thinker of the world on 2021!

Kirjoitettu 28.09.2013

When guys behind the Nordic Business Forum told their target to have the biggest business forum on 2021, I immediately thought to be on stage there. What does it mean? I have to be quite a good thinker in the future – or roadie. I’d like to choose the first choice.

We know, the target has to set to high level enough. However, many times, when we set the target, one precondition for the target is that it should be achievable. I don’t agree that. In my case, if my target would be the TOP3 thinker in Finland, I would write just now in Finnish. Obviously, it would be more reasonable, because of my language skills and verbal ability. However, the lower target wouldn’t change anything about me. Furthermore, as our minister for foreign trade Mr. Stubb encouraged – a grammar means nothing, an accent means nothing, a content you have is everything. How many good ideas never come up because of shame? We shame our status, language skill, background and whatever, but why? Reason is that we would like to be something else what we really are. If I wouldn’t show just now, how poor my English is – probably my friends, bosses and colleagues believe that I’m much better. This is true in many cases, what we don’t want to do: dancing, painting and singing – we fear so much to take social risks. To be an international, be yourselves!

One the most remarkable reminding for me came from Mr. Gladwell: Do it now! How much we plan and plan and plan – we can’t anymore do. Like Mr. SunTzu pointed out two thousand years ago: “I don’t know any succeed prolonged project”! There were more than three thousand leaders on Nordic Business Forum on last two days. What they will do differently on Monday. Unfortunately, not so much. If you were there and you got something from someone – promise to me, don’t take a break, but immediately change your behavior, change your way to lead. If you don’t do it now, you do it never.

Probably, I never achieve my target to be TOP3 thinker in the world. It’s not so important, to be within TOP10 is agreeable achievement to me. Seriously, when I set my target high level enough, I have already now achieved more than I never thought. I wrote my first blog post in English. It has never been my target, but when the target is much farther away – I did, and I did it now!

Ps. Sorry, Jyri and Hans-Peter that I published your main speaker for 2021 already now. If you will continue your way to set your targets, there will be Jesus or Siddharhta as the warm-up speaker.